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    New Academy is the Employee Engagement Platform helps employees stay more engaged, involved, and productive to create a culture of lifelong learners.


New Academy Employee Engagement platforms are effective, affordable, seamless, and easy to use.

Learn while you work

Advance your career with a modern user experience and features made to match your ambition. Find mentorship opportunities, collaborate with coworkers, and get the information you need when you need it—every time.

See your employees thrive

Empower your employees with a modern, simple, and centralized workplace experience that empowers them to do their best work while supporting lifelong learning.

All The Resources You Need to Succeed

New Academy centralizes information unique to your community. Students can quickly find things like a campus map, a directory, or quick links for campus essentials as well as discover job opportunities.

Seamless Integration

New Academy connects to your existing tech, so that learners and organizations can get everything they need in the same place. With implementation support and a secure, scalable infrastructure, New Academy grows with you.


Learning Management System

Manage all learning and administrative processes here. Receive course enrollment requests, place applicants into corresponding groups, schedule lessons, run online and offline lessons, monitor school performance and productivity. Receive statistics and reports.

Virtual Classroom

Don’t let this pandemic affect your trainings and business. Switch offline lessons to online and each in virtual classrooms through Zoom or your preferred video conferencing tool.


We are ADA Compliant and re-scan our platform every 24 hours, ensuring new updates are being remediated to compliance. Learners can customize navigation and orientation and adjust the display itself.

Content Development

Create your own learning materials or use already developed ones. Activate Zoom to teach online live. Tailor the course to your students’ needs and learning preferences. Monitor student’s performance and adapt the course correspondingly.

24/7 Support

Get access to the information you need when you need it, through our full service support portal and 24/7 staff.

Available to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Learners can do everything on web, mobile and tablet applications, including course enrollment, coursework, classes on Zoom and receiving communications and notifications.


Add your custom branding to the header, footer and make it complete with a unique URL.

App Integrations

Continue using your favorite tools and applications. Having been built as a flexible platform New Academy is integrated with various kinds of applications and tools, including Slack and Zoom.

Why New Academy

We don’t take a one size fits all approach. We listen to you and align our platform to the organizations area of focus and learner need. Technology is carefully selected based on the individual needs of the organization and its members and is accompanied by a plan for integrations that doesn’t take a willy nilly approach.

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